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It was great to meet you and your family! It is my sincere hope that during our session together you received much insight and assistance with your current feeding and lactation challenges. What happens next and where will we go from here? Here's what you can expect from me and your options for continued care:

Recap Email- You will receive a recap email from me within 24 hrs of our session detailing my recommendations, your care plan and any specific resources/links. 

Follow Up Questions- Included with this visit fee is 1 week of unlimited virtual support. Please do not hesitate to contact me with questions via email during this time. If you prefer to talk by phone, please text me asking for phone time and I will call you back as soon as possible. Photos and videos are always accepted via email to better communicate your concerns. I respond to emails Monday-Friday, with limited hours during the weekend. If I do not hear from you after our session I assume you are doing great and have no remaining concerns, if you need continued support- please reach out! I am here for you!

*Texting*- Texting to schedule follow up sessions or phone consultation is available. If your baby is 7 days old or younger feel free to text me with questions related to your care plan or situation. If your baby is ill or currently undergoing/recovering from a medical procedure, feel free to text me with questions or concerns. If you are ill or have mastitis, please feel free to text me with questions or concerns. If you or your baby do not fall under these parameters, I ask that you please contact me via email or arrange a phone call for your questions. It is of the utmost importance to me that you receive timely, organized, and high quality care- texts often get buried within my phone and can be missed. Email allows for better organization and record of our communication, and ensures you will not be missed! 

Follow Up Sessions- During our initial session I will let you know if your current situation necessitates in person follow up and at what interval. Follow Up Sessions are 60-90 min and billed at $205 per session including 1 week of unlimited virtual support. To book a follow up session, please email/call/text or visit my online scheduler. 


*If we have not scheduled a follow up session, and it has been one week or more since we have seen each other and you continue to need support, I will let you know if your situation necessitates another in person session or if I can provide you adequate support via phone consultation.*

Phone Consultation- Phone consultation is available for follow up issues that do not require hands on support and is billed at the rate of $20/30 min. Virtual payment can be done via Venmo or Paypal (friends and family.) Please text or email to schedule.