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After the birth of my daughter, I had such a challenging time with breastfeeding, and the lactation consultants at the hospital didn't feel like they were hearing my concerns. My midwife recommended that I get in touch with Farrell, and I was able to schedule an appointment 2 days later at my house.

I can't express how great my experience working with her was. She never made me feel guilty about supplementing with formula to make sure the baby was fed, and was able to talk through a number of reasons we were having a challenging time. She sent a list of things we were working on every week, and over the span of 3 weeks, we were able to go from exclusively bottle fed to exclusively breast fed. I'm so glad I reached out when I did, and that such a kind, caring professional was there to help. -Whitney V. Oakland, CA

Hiring Farrell was transformative for me, my family, and my baby. Figuring out breastfeeding was one of the most challenging parts of being a new mom and I genuinely don't think we'd be where we are without Farrell. At 4.5 months, my daughter is a healthy 15 pounds and exclusively breastfed.

The first few weeks postpartum are a delicate time, and more often than not, new parents - who take every class, and get all kinds of positive feedback at the hospital - are sent home without knowing how to adequately feed their child, and support them through breastfeeding challenges. 3 days after birth, my daughter had lost more weight than she should have, and despite feeling like I was feeding her constantly, she was not extracting enough milk, and my supply took much longer to 'come in' than I had anticipated.

In a moment of desperation, I filled out Farrell's intake form at 2 in the morning. She texted me hours later with a time to meet THAT DAY (it was a Saturday)! Within 24 hours, my daughter was gaining weight back, we were on a supplementation and triple feeding plan, and things started to head in the right direction. Within two weeks, my milk supply had fully come in, and my daughter started improving her breastfeeding skills.

It was a long, hard road to get to a point where my daughter could breastfeed without any additional support or devices (about 7-8 weeks), but I absolutely could not have gotten there without Farrell's support. Breastfeeding is HARD. Farrell helps you work through it - and set your own goals - in the most non-judgmental and supportive way. She is a miracle worker.  I have recommended her to all of my friends, and if I'm lucky, I hope to have her by my side at the hospital for baby #2 someday! - Rajni D. San Francisco, CA

Breastfeeding can be an emotional experience and likely if you're reading this review, you're looking for support. Look no further! Farrell is a dream come true! Her experience as a post-partum doula combined with her expertise as an IBCLC make her an incredible resource. She is compassionate, resourceful, kind and best of all- pro-feeding! (meaning no matter how you choose or are able to feed your baby, she is supportive). She is in support of YOU and will help guide and support you as you need.

It's the little things and big things. Some times the little things ARE the big things when you're sleep deprived and caring for a newborn. For example:
- She was always on time. For an anxious mom who is waiting for the lactation consultant to show up for a feed and is holding off a crying newborn, this is MAJOR!
- She LISTENS. Like REALLY listens. With curiosity. No judgement. Cares about YOU and your cares and concerns. There's no pressure to do it one way or another- she will work with you for what makes sense for your lifestyle and your choices as a mom who cares about feeding her baby the best way she can and is able to.
- She's a wealth of information and there is nothing she can't help work with you on or figure out. Positioning, milk supply tricks and supplements, pumping schedules, tongue tie resources, the best nipple shields, bottles and pacifiers that work best for your baby's mouth, exercises for your baby in the early days to promote movement, etc. She even helped me figure out my vasospasms had returned with baby #2 and we were able to get medication quickly from my OB. Again, she does it all with compassion!
- Farrell takes a complete approach. Meaning- its not just the feeding, but the tongue movement, the jaw, the neck muscles, etc. She understands how to evaluate the full system - both yours and your baby's to help support you in your goals, wishes and wants.
- She follows up and checks in. She's available when you need her even after the visit.
- She always comes with a smile and a positive attitude. Even when my daughter had a blowout on her tights, she laughed it off and was unfazed by it! You can tell she's passionate about what she does and deeply cares about helping moms and babies in this journey.

Farrell is simply the best! I couldn't have survived the early days with baby #2 without her support. She came to my rescue. I am forever grateful. Truly, truly grateful. - Jill T. Walnut Creek, CA

It simply does not get ANY better than Farrell! I was referred to Farrell, and I am SO thankful that I was. I would never have made it 14 months of breastfeeding without her. She is calm, supportive, a wealth of knowledge, and provides reassurance during a time of concern and uncertainty. HIGHLY recommend Farrell.

- Anne D. San Francisco

Our daughter was born at 36 1/2 weeks. She was healthy and didn't require any NICU support at the hospital, but the biggest challenge was her size (left the hospital at 4lbs 14oz) and as a result she lacked the feeding stamina to get good, full feeds without some assistance. Our doula had referred us to Farrell, so we immediately gave her a call and she was an absolute saint for us! She was so helpful with feeding techniques and pro-tips for keeping our daughter alert and active on the breast when she was tiring out. Ultimately, she gave us some supplies for an SNS (supplemental nursing system), which we 100% believe made the difference. With all of Farrell's help, our daughter only lost a few % of her body weight after birth and then she was able to put on weight at greater than 1 ounce/day for the next couple weeks. We couldn't recommend her more after all of her help--thanks! - Matt M. San Francisco

There is a reason why Farrell has five stars across the board: she is fantastic! Farrell is not only compassionate and nonjudgmental; she is also a great problem solver and takes into account the needs of the entire family when giving advice. For example, she stressed strategies that maximized efficiency so that I could have more time to rest, recover, and enjoy my newborn. She also helped identify a tongue tie and referred me to a pediatric dentist (Dr. Yazdi) to correct it.

At the end of the day I decided to exclusively pump because nursing was too stressful and challenging for me and my baby. Farrell not only backed my decision but she also gave me advice on how to best exclusively pump.

Hiring her was one of the best decisions I made in my pregnancy. I credit her for not only helping me navigate the best path forward for nourishing my baby but also helping me build my confidence as a parent. - D.S. San Francisco, CA

Farrell is wonderful.  We met with her before and after our son was born preemptively.  She is knowledgeable and up to date on current studies (the breastfeeding consultants at the hospital had given me some outdated information that was causing pain and Farrell corrected it), respectful (after every nurse at the hospital felt comfortable just grabbing at my breasts, it was refreshing when she actually asked if she could!), kind, and accessible.  I wouldn't wait until you're having issues - I'd have her come and help you as soon as you start breastfeeding so you can get ahead of them.  You won't regret it! - Nicole H. Sausalito, CA